A collection of folk songs that were sung, heard or wrote while travellin' thru the woods of Northern California. "There is a traditional idea of the vast continent North America, inspired by cowboys and Keroauc, that is romantic and exciting. It’s good to know it still exists somewhere." Click to order the album now!

8-part documentary web-series co-created/co-produced by Mike Tod that focues on the Calgary folk music community

The Calgary Collection - Documentary Series

2013 saw the creation of a documentary web-series called "The Calgary Collection", that profiled figures in the Calgary folk music community. Mike co-created, co-produced and was the primary interviewer for the series. It can be viewed at http://www.thecalgarycollection.ca
Stay tuned for a special announcment regarding the series later in February!

Album Launch & Western Tour

"The California Recordings" was released this past Saturday evening, January 26th, at a the old Lantern Church in Calgary. The church is over 100 years old and stands dark and tall in the Inglewood area of Calgary.

Album Release Saturday January 26th!

"The California Recordings" is set to be released this Saturday, January 26th! It is a collection of folk songs that were sung, heard or written while travellin thru the woods of Northern California last summer.

There is a CD Release show Saturday evening at the old Lantern Community Church in Calgary, and a Western Canadian tour to follow. Will look to see you there..

You can pre-order the album by clicking here.

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Website Launch

Welcome to MikeTod.com!

Very pleased to launch this website, been a few months comin'. Around the site you will find information on myself, my albums, some videos, and upcoming shows.

I wish to extend a very special thanks to Adam Rosa at RedCity Creative for makin' one sleak site.